What is your parenting style?

So as many of you know I'm back in school. Well I'm taking psychology and yes its interesting but also very controversial. This week we were asked to read an article about a woman in New York who let her then, 9-year-old son, ride home on the subway.

The woman was ridiculed for her decision and it soon became a national headline. Now, I'm not saying I would be comfortable with my child riding on the subway alone at the age of 9. But living in New York, I would think that happens at a lot younger age more often than not. What would the alternative be? Riding a bike? A lot could happen on the way home not to mention the distance he may have to go. Taxi? Well, a lot could happen there as well not to mention being alone in a car with a stranger. On a subway at least there are multiple people around as witnesses and (I would think) security cameras.

My question to you is this. What are your limits? I believe everyone is different and everyone has a different view of parenting. Where do you draw the line on what is being too lenient and what is being too over-protective?

For me, I want me children to grow up knowing that they are fully capable of handling anything that may be thrown at them in life. But, I also want them to know that it is ok to ask for help. I think children need the experience of failure to be able to grasp the fact that failure does not result in quitting. Failure should be an excuse to get up, try again, learn from what went wrong in the past and do better the next time. I think a lot of times we are scared as to what emotions and feelings could come arise in the instance of failure. But by not allowing these young minds to feel and experience, isn't that doing a disservice by not allowing them this experience?

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